Aurore: Edible Flower Petals: Rose, Cornflower...

Aurore: Edible Flower Petals: Rose, Cornflower...

Aurore: Edible Flower Petals: Rose, Cornflower...

Our house has only one objective: to awaken your senses. While most of our spices focus on scents, tastes and textures, we wanted to highlight the visual aspect with our floral selections: aurora, dusk, starry night, boreal and accord of the moment. These selections will perfect your salads, dress up your cheeses, sublimate your desserts... In a nutshell, make you a master of the crucial step of dressing a plate. Aurore is the intermingling of the last darkness of night with the first light of day. Cornflower, sunflower and rose petals, whose perfect combination recalls an autumnal morning that looks like a postcard. However, this explosion of color is not devoid of taste: in vinaigrette or in a cocktail, it is its fresh, rustic side and its touch of bitterness that will delight you. Our aurore composition is available in 5 and 10 g, as well as in bags of 100 grams.


Flowers are the music of the ground; from earth's lips spoken without sound.

Edwin Curran

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